Atlanta Online Marketing Firm,, Launches Website

Atlanta, Georgia (February 27, 2014) – An up-and-coming Atlanta online marketing firm recently marked the soft launch of their new home on the World Wide Web. FrontPageDomination, renowned Internet marketer, speaker, and #1 Best Selling author, Sergio Rozzelle’s latest venture, hopes to become one of the leading online destinations for local companies looking to grow their businesses by attracting new customers on the Internet.

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#1 BEST-SELLING AUTHOR – Sergio Rozzelle


Proven Strategies from today's Leading Experts

Dallas, Texas- Sergio Rozzelle, an expert on Internet Marketing domination and creating success, is a co-author for the recent best selling book, The Art & Science of Success Volume 5, Proven Strategies From Today’s Leading Experts. On June 1, 2012, this book hit #1 in all three categories on Amazon: Global Marketing, Work Life Balance and Business & Investing.

The book is the fifth volume in the best-selling series of The Art & Science of Success®. In addition to Sergio Rozzelle, this book features top professionals from around the world with accounts of triumph over adversity. “Many of them had to overcome challenges to find their own version of success, and those stories are heartening and enlightening. We are truly honored to have Sergio Rozzelle and his inspiring story as a contribution to the book,” says Traci Williams, President & CEO of Success You Publishing.

“SUCCESS IS VOLUNTARY AND YOU DESERVE IT!” says Sergio. “It was my hope that the readers would walk away from this book realizing that success is not a destination but a journey. Most people base success on the final results. I see success as being the sum of the action steps take to reach your goal, including the final fruits of your labor.” he adds.

According to Williams, President & CEO of Success You Publishing, “This is an exciting day for our company and our Authors. We are delighted that our readers have found immense value with this collection.” Williams notes “It is obvious that these personal triumphs of success are resonating with our readers and that each of the Co-Authors has a true passion for helping others.”

The Art & Science of Success, Volume 5, is now available at, Barnes and Noble, Book-A-Million and at

Biography: Sergio Rozzelle was raised from the age of two in the Washington D.C. area and now lives in Atlanta GA. He is a sought after Internet Marketing consultant, SEO expert, mentor, coach, trainer, speaker, entrepreneur, community volunteer and author. He was a co-founder of a $200 million debt-free holding company. He has over two decades of experience in Business, Marketing, Promotions, Operations, Continuous Improvement, Entertainment, Direct Sales, Corporate America, Local and Federal Government. He has built teams of thousands from scratch in multiple Directs sales companies in a matter of months. His educational background includes a graduate degree in International Business Marketing. He has served on the Board of Directors for several nonprofit 501 ( c ) 3 corporations, and helped multiple start-up companies and local businesses achieve success.

As a single dad, one of his inspirations is his phenomenal daughter. Having the responsibility of leading this precious soul back to God is an honor. She is looking to him for guidance in every area of growth in her life, so he judges every decision he makes prior to acting on it. Integrity and character keep him and are the standard for his life – John 10:10.